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Brand Image & Strategy

What are the key elements of the brand? What is its brand image, perceived quality and brand personality? What is the level of awareness (salience) in current and potential customers? What is the brands point of differentiation and the points of parity? What is the current value proposition?

Is there anything important in the brand’s heritage? What brand-building activities does the brand do? Are the advertising themes consistent across platforms and media?

Brand Inventory

What brands and sub-brands do you have? What are the key features and components of the brands? Is there a visible link for customers and potential customers to leverage the brand equity?

Brand Strategy & Story

What is your current brand or marketing strategy? Is there an existing set of brand guidelines? Is there a defined overview of what the brand personality or characteristics should be? Does the organisation have a mission statement or vision statement and are these reflected in the current branding?

Visual Messages

Evaluate the messages from existing logo, tagline, colour scheme, typography, language and tone-of-voice, imagery and distinctive visual features. Determine whether they are consistent across the existing pieces of collateral. Consider both online and offline creative elements and how do they link to the overall organisation mission statement and any existing branding.

How may some or all of these elements need to change to ensure consistency? How may some of these elements need to change to ensure it supports the overall brand story and organisational values?

Also to be considered are letterheads, email signatures, signage and merchandise.


Who are your key competitors and what brand strategies are they using? What brand narrative are they telling and what creative elements are they using to tell these stories? How is your brand different? What is the value proposition and how are you conveying this? Do you need to rethink how you are positioning the brand in the marketplace?

Customer Journey

Do you have an existing customer journey map? Are there multiple paths across the customer journey? Would a new customer have a different relationship with your brand than an existing customer? How might different marketing material need to alter to develop a consistent customer experience across multiple brand touch-points?