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Omnichannel marketing strategy: what is cross-channel consistency?

The role of webrooming and showrooming for consumers & the impact on marketing strategy.

omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Cross-channel consistency is key in the new omnichannel marketing environment.  Consistency in messaging and regularity, branding, visual, tone-of-voice, etc. To fulfil your goals and objectives a consistent brand across all marketing channels and platforms used is necessary.


Multiple studies now show that consumers have two distinct methods of researching and purchasing products (and services to some extent). One method is visiting multiple showrooms to obtain information, touch and feel the products, and then complete their purchases online. Alternatively, they may complete their research online as they see it as time-saving and complete their purchase in-store and get the satisfaction of immediate possession.

seamless marketing channels

Of importance is the understanding that firms must integrate channels seamlessly to retain customers through the decision-making process. With so many touchpoints, there are many direct and indirect contact points with customers and a brand or business, and this accumulates to build an overall customer experience.

The new omnichannel environment blurs the natural boundaries between online and offline channels and managers need to ensure that information provided in-store and offline is consistent. 2020, Flavian, Gurrea, Orus

smart shopping experience

The ability for companies to relinquish the control to consumers in their decision-making process creates a smart-shopping experience. This smart-shopping experience has a strong impact on the consumer satisfaction and is an important step in establishing long-term customer-company relationships.


Consumers that took part in webrooming felt that they were making the right choices and felt that they were in control of their process and gave them greater “smart shopping” feelings.

In the study “Combining channels to make smart purchases: The role of webrooming and showrooming” 2020 by Flavian, Gurréa and Orus, they identify the managerial implications of their study. “By appealing to the consumers’ intelligence, or diligence, during the decision-making process, and increasing his/her feelings of self competence or sense of themselves as capable and in control of the experience, may be more effective.” Information integrity is valuable, hence consistency across channels is important, always.