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Traditional V Digital Channels

Comparing marketing methods. What are the pro’s and con’s of traditional and digital marketing.

Marketing strategies have adapted to meet the shifts in technology and consumer behaviour over the past 20 years. A new approach to reaching customers is needed due to the growth in digital. 

No longer can businesses differentiate themselves based on the dollar value of their marketing budget. The constant and rapidly evolving digital landscape has created an environment that makes business leaders and marketing professionals keep on their toes or fail.

This is an era where professionals cannot rest on their laurels, otherwise they are quickly overtaken by those who thrive on thinking outside of the box. Marketing professionals who rely on templates of “how to market a product or service” will quickly prove to be less than effective.

This decade of business will see the merging of skills and the ultimate expectation that professionals are tech savvy with current up-to-the-minute understanding of technological advancements affecting their industry. 

A plethora of digital marketing tools are now available and new tools launching constantly create a myriad of problems. You need to start by looking internally and deciding what goals and objectives your business has and then deciphering what tools will suit you best. Combining this with your vision for the medium-long term will assist to ensure these tools can grow with your business.

What digital has done is fundamentally shift the balance of power from the corporates to the customer. Business is transitioning how to navigate this shift.

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