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As a digital marketing agency, we empower businesses to adapt and thrive in an increasingly digital world by delivering tailored solutions, making digital transformation accessible to all businesses. Bringing expertise in go-to-market strategy, choice architecture, communications strategy, channel planning, consumer journey mapping, digital marketing, content strategy and digital advertising.

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We embrace a data-driven approach to strategy, meticulously analysing insights to craft innovative solutions.


Our commitment to authenticity drives us to provide candid assessments, sincere advice, and genuine solutions.


Our approach blends cutting-edge ideas with real-world applicability, ensuring that our clients' businesses thrive through purposeful change.

What We Do

That’s Business Today is a digital marketing agency which provide digital marketing services for small business in Australia. With over thirty years experience working with Australian and internal businesses that service Australia, Asia Pacific and International markets. Primary industries we service include the Building and Construction Industry, Health and Wellness Industry along with eCommerce. Our experienced marketers bring other industries with them, so contact us to determine whether we can service your business.


Digital Strategy & Transformation

Unleash growth with tech, innovation, & superior customer experiences. It's about making brands matter.


Brand Strategy

At the heart of our work, guiding decisions that make brands matter by anticipating consumer needs and cultural relevance.

Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Behaviour

Rooted in psychology, we debunk assumptions and leverage insights to craft solutions that drive real change.


Engagement Strategy

We see beyond transactions, leveraging data for artful insights that maximise lifetime customer value with a brand.



Big brands, big ideas. Harnessing new tech for razor-sharp targeting and data-driven insights that drive attitudinal change.


Omnichannel Strategy

We seamlessly unite digital and offline channels, creating a frictionless and cohesive brand experience that engages customers wherever they are.


B2B Strategy

Our experts understand business decision-makers and complex buying cycles. We meet decision-makers where they interact, digitally and personally.


Things We've Made


We are more than a digital marketing agency


Committed and creative


Trust in us to navigate the digital world


Angel Place, Sydney Australia


Trust in our business to navigate the digital world.


To empower businesses to adapt and thrive by delivering tailored solutions.


Forging partnerships to craft digital strategies in a crowded digital market.

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